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Value-Boosting Home Design Trends for Fall 2023

Rebecca Quasney
Aug 30 4 minutes read

As the seasons change, it's an ideal time to refresh your home's look. If your considering selling, embracing some of the latest trends can potentially increase your home's resale value.

How does good interior design boost your home value?

While the primary goal of redecorating might not be to raise your home's value, exceptional design frequently leads to a higher perceived value among potential buyers.

What's meant by "perceived value"? It's the personal value that a buyer associates with a property, and it can be influenced by factors such as staging, appealing landscaping, and thoughtful design choices. As mentioned in Country Living, redecoration has the potential to boost your home's value by as much as 10%—all without requiring any renovations. 

Fall 2023 home design trends

Regardless of whether a sale is in your plans this autumn, these trends in fall home design will invigorate your living space and infuse it with a renewed sense of vitality. In this year's 2023 trends, there's a departure from obvious autumn symbols (think scarecrows and pumpkins). Instead, the focus is on understated décor selections that evoke a sense of comfort and a touch of sentimentality. Let's explore what's coming. 

Natural and Intriguing Shapes

In the latter part of the past year, we witnessed a shift from harsh angles and straight lines to more organic shapes, and that trend remains strong. This fall brings a new dimension: a prominent use of these organic shapes to create visual interest. Expect to see curves complemented by striking color contrasts, textures that make a statement, and mood-enhancing lighting taking the forefront.

Cozy neutrals

This season's favored shades embody subtlety and warmth. Keep an eye out for inviting honey and soft peach tones. Natural earthy hues paired with contrasting black accents will add richness and allure to your space—subtly replacing the traditional pumpkin oranges. 

Luxurious textures

Autumn decor goes beyond the visual; it's about engaging all the senses. This fall, we'll embrace a blend of lavish textures such as velvet, beadboard, and leather. Experiment with a medley of touchable elements, and don't hesitate to indulge. Burlap, crochet, silk, dried flora, and any creative addition you can conjure are all in play. Anticipate an abundance of wicker and intricately woven furnishings, while limewash or textured wallpaper might grace your walls.

Vintage charm

Autumn often carries a touch of vintage charm, often due to the desire for cozy and nostalgic surroundings during this season. This year, a stronger tribute to the past is evident through the emergence of cottage core and granny chic aesthetics, which blend vintage and vintage-inspired elements. Look forward to patterns adorning both walls and furnishings, a mix of textures, and abundant ornate detailing, all contributing to a rich and maximalist ambiance.

Infuse Your Personal Touch

The most important part of decorating lies in your satisfaction with the final result. Embrace these trends, infuse them with your individuality, and craft a space that resonates with your own unique preferences and style.

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